Everyday Scenes

Rachel Mumau | July 01 2016 | 0 Comments

I’m not normally one to want to sketch (I usually leave that to my sister Patricia,) but the everyday scenes in France are just asking for it. Everything seems to come from a storybook, even the police cars, which look and sound to me like Playmobile toys. The colorful trains and the lighthearted form of the train station itself suggests happiness and play. Many places in France seem to have the perfect mix of aged and modern, just like the classy cheeses and wine they produce.

All of this in comparison with the typically intelligent, pessimistic and passionate French makes me tilt my head like a confused puppy.  But maybe it is the contrast that makes the marriage.  I have much more to learn about the life and culture!

I have never seen more beautiful roses than in France.  My grandmother would be in her glory to garden there!  (Living near Buffalo, you pretty much have to cut down the bush to its roots each winter.)  In France, I learned you can also grow things like apricots and lemons in your backyard.

(Below: Just an everyday scene from a walk in a small town in the region of Val-d'Oise.)

Carrying a baguette home under your arm with this kind of scenery certainly makes the list of life's simple pleasures!