MADE... by John Frechette

Rachel Mumau | August 08 2013 | 0 Comments

The first time I saw photographs of John Frechette’s shop, MADE, I knew he had an artist’s eye.

That’s why, when I recently discovered that he created his own line of glasswork, I was not surprised in the least.  All of the Strapped Glass belt buckles carried at MADE are hand-crafted by owner John Frechette himself.  He has a lot of unique designs, but my personal favorite is the Wyoming flag pictured here.

Patricia and I are pleased as punch to have our Fawnsberg stationery found among the delicious treasures at MADE.  Our cards are some of the many carefully chosen items that happily line MADE’s antique industrial shelves or cozily lie in steel trunks and bins about the store.

Check out MADE online to find your favorite artisan buckle, or better yet, stop by the shop when you are in  town.  MADE is located at 125 North Cache in Gaslight Alley, Jackson WY 83001.