Relational Us

Rachel Mumau | February 03 2016 | 0 Comments

Above: Our front pond grasses in winter.  A scene I often see when I am on walk and pondering.

I know we think the world has changed so much with technology- we think social media has ruined us all and relationships will never be the same again. But what I think is interesting is that our “poverty of personal relationships” these days is driving us towards them. Now, instead of calling our mothers for recipes, our generation is calling our moms asking them how we can make friends.

I think back to the way that things used to be, you know, the main street with the baker shop, the butcher shop, the small family-owned grocery. Everybody knew everybody and the person you bought from was your neighbor. We were used to buying from people we knew.

Then we when through a phase where “personal” didn’t matter. Just give me convenient, inexpensive, and efficient.  With our personal relationships, we went for what would fill my void today, not really planning on being there for anybody tomorrow… we took relationships that were convenient and didn’t cost anything.

But now we’ve seen where that attitude has taken us. Now we are yearning for employers that care, cashiers that care, and friends that care. Maybe I am just speaking for my millennial myself, but I’m beginning to realize that relationships are actually what make a day worth it. How much did you laugh today? How much did you cry today? Does it matter as long as you did it with someone?

Now we are beginning to realize that relationships are worth making sacrifices for.  So, all of you that are worn out from our "getting things done" social media age, take heart. I think we are on the relational up-curve.