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I had to get out my college year book the other night and stumbled across my old shoe box full of camp letters!  About half of them were from my sister Patricia, haha!  This was way before she even considered doing anything professionally with lettering and had just started to play around with a nib and ink.  But do you want to know something crazy?!!!  This was only 10 years ago.  The one in the center with the "P" stamp was sent from Italy while she was in Rome!

Even as a forgiving, uncritical little sister, I can say that the lettering on these guys above is a little rough!  But here's the encouraging new year's message for you all...  this was JUST 10 years ago.  Want to see how far she's come?  Here's a recent example on our new calligraphy website,

So, are you thinking of training yourself in some new skill or talent?  Here's the secret... stick to it!  Even when the start seems so primitive, that's how beginnings go.  The people who master something are not necessarily the most naturally gifted, they are those who keep doing it.

'Balsam Calligraphy' invite with Harrison Calligraphy for Bella Figura, via press'd.

'Good Show' invite with Murdock Hand for Bella Figura, above, via RuffledPhoto credit: Kate Ignatowski

Bug Garden' invite with hand lettered graphic for Paperless Post.

FYI: We are accepting new calligraphy bookings, so email me at to schedule your hand-lettered envelope addressing!


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