My Daddy is President

Posted by Rachel Mumau on

 I’m so glad that we have a holiday set aside to celebrate our fathers! In the daily grind, they don’t get much thanks, but if you stop and think about all that they do and why they do it, you’ll find that YOU are probably the reason.

From the time we were kids, my dad would always be singing little jingles to us. Whether we were working outside, playing, eating, or falling asleep, he’d be singing a little tune. He’d exchange names in the songs for ours, and we were always so surprised to hear a song about us!

Occasionally, he’d sing the song, “My Daddy is President” a hit song from the summer of 1962 when he was just a boy. “Little Jo Ann” Morse, age 7, pretended to be the voice of Caroline Kennedy singing about her daddy, JFK. It’s a cute song and if you haven’t heard it, you’ve got to give it a listen.

 Just like little Caroline was so proud of her big important daddy, I’m proud of mine too. I know the best dads bring a feeling of safety and peace and control. They accept their role of responsibility and provision. They do everything along the way with love and gentleness. You can see these traits portrayed in the sweet pictures captured of Caroline and her dad. And these are the things that my dad portrayed to all of us kids while we were growing up. And all the while singing a merry tune! 

So now I get to turn the favor around and put my dad’s name in: “My daddy is president, what does your daddy do?” Enjoy celebrating your dad this Sunday! Show him he is loved!

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