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Wrapped paper packages are being put in the window displays. Trees are graced with twinkle lights. Wreaths are hung on the doors and candles are placed in the windows. All around we are preparing for the holiday season, acting out what we did the year before. We know what to expect and we know we will like it! It’s tradition. And every year it’s tradition for our family to take a day and make the holiday cutout cookies that date back to my great-grandmother.

I look forward to the scent of that almond dough and the sight of it padded in flour, the cookie cutters I used as a girl (the partridge, and lion, and bell), the bowls of colored sugar and buttercream frosting.

And every year the tradition gets a little sweeter as the old memories are layered with new. The nieces are the little girls now, not me. There are new laughs for new stories, new mischief for growing boys, and a new puppy to lick the floor glittered with sugar.

So in this season of peppermint in our coffee, cinnamon in our pies, cardigans on our shoulders, and thankfulness in our hearts –

we wish you a very happy beginning to this holiday season!

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