Patricia Mumau | August 05 2014 | 0 Comments

Yesterday Rachel and I picked up our bikes from the repair shop, and today we took them for a ride. Mine is a white Schwinn road bike, I’m guessing from the 80’s but I’m not sure because I bought it used and nameless for 60 bucks at a bike shop (tune up included). True, the foam on the handlebars continues to crumble, changing gears is clanky, and my chain has this new habit of slipping; but all that said, it’s a good bike.

And today on our tour of the local countryside my dandy little bike took me to a section of road I have never been on before. Amazing! To think I have lived where I do for years, and yet there lies a section of road only 7 miles from my house that has never before been seen by these two eyes!

Actually, not so amazing, I considered as I peddled along. There are probably a lot of roads like this one; nearby and unexplored. When I’m driving around I tend to always pick the same route, and biking I’m most always heading to the lake. In fact, there are probably more local roads I haven’t traveled then ones I have.

Problems like this tend to birth ideas in my head, and so now I’ve got this plan: I am to pin up a map of my county, bike every piece of road, and record my progress with a highlighter as I go. End result, my mind can be fully assured that no local road has been left behind.

… I wonder if I’ll actually do that.