The Lake and I

Patricia Mumau | June 27 2014 | 0 Comments

I took a visit to Lake Ontario this morning, a 5 minute drive north.  “Lake”.  Calling it a sea would be more appropriate; even on the clearest of days a glimpse of Canada on the horizon is not always guaranteed.  It is a massive, wonderful, and moody body of water.  In the winter the waves are wild and cold, and massive ice chunks crumple at the shore declaring its terribleness.  In the summer the water is in a dapper mood; it swings its cane with a sparkle its eye and a breeze on its cheeks, as sailboats trot up and down and all around.  And then there are the sunsets, which are always juicy and lush and full of dramatics.

But today in the mid-morning sun on a blue-sky June day the lake is nothing but itself.  Donning its t-shirt and jeans, it just IS.  Unpretentious.  Frank.  Completely at home to be who it is and nothing more.  How delightful to see the lake this way!  It is when others let us into their normal everyday that we feel closest to them, and it makes me smile to know that the lake and I are such good friends.