8 new states!

Rachel Mumau | June 06 2014 | 1 Comment

Exciting news in the Union! Fawnsberg stationery is now being sold in 8 new states, making for 30 out of 50!  We can be found in Utah (The Write Image), Illinois (DBY Events), New Mexico (Pennysmith's Paper), Connecticut (Taylor Aiden), Oklahoma (Chirps and Cheers), Pennsylvania (More Than Words Fine Papers), Missouri (Stuff) and Alabama (Please Reply).

A little U.S. trivia for you: the 30th state to be added to the United States was Wisconsin on May 29th, 1848.  Another would not be added until September of 1850, when California gained its statehood.

P.S. The real Fawnsberg illustrator (a.k.a. my sister) was busy making real illustrations, so the business manager (cough, cough, myself) had some fun drawing a little something for the blog.  Hope you like it!