Rachel Mumau | April 02 2014 | 0 Comments

It’s time to get a conversation going.  Will you join me? There is so much around me that I often take for granted and I want to start seeing the world with thankful eyes. As my dad would say, “The sun is always shining, it just depends on your altitude.” … a. k. a. attitude :)

So here’s the pitch. I’ll tell you what I’m grateful for, and you tell me what you are grateful for. Just take a minute to look around you and find at least one small, maybe seemingly insignificant thing that you are thankful for. Then on twitter or instagram hastag #gratefulforthis (your thoughts here) and then be sure to tag me, @fawnsberg. I want to know what makes your heart smile, what you find to be some of life’s little luxuries, what really brightens your day.

Here are some of mine off the top of my head from this morning:

@fawnsberg #gratefulforthis nephew in my lap

@fawnsberg #gratefulforthis sun shining in my window

@fawnsberg #gratefulforthis sister who made me my hastag graphic

@fawnsberg #gratefulforthis ridiculously cool caran d’ache pencil sharpener from Switzerland

That’s it! Excited see how our days will be brighter just by noticing the little luxuries around us! #gratefulforthis opportunity to converse with you!