Je Suis en France!

Rachel Mumau | May 19 2016 | 0 Comments

Half of the Fawnsberg team is spending some time in France.  Which half?  C'est moi, Rachel!  It has been on my bucket list for years to "learn French" and now the opportunity has come.

France.  France.  I can go into almost any store in the U.S. and find something that says Paris.  Does Paris do a great job at marketing itself?  No, it just is.

Aesthetic.  For centuries the French have paid attention.  The French never forgot to ask the question, "but what does it look like?"  How can one make something beautiful, cozy, natural, classic, modern understated, and grand all at the same time?

To me, each place looks like a page in a storybook.  I want to see each building painted in watercolor.  Each person I see is a character.  Each child has an adventure.  Each animal has a name.  And if only the trees could talk!

À la prochaine!