The Best White Ink Pad

Rachel Mumau | April 11 2016 | 0 Comments

Personally, I'm pretty impressed with what this little white ink pad can do.  I know browsing online, it's hard to tell what your stamping job will actually look like.  I'll show you two examples of this white pigment ink: white ink stamped on kraft paper and white ink stamped on navy paper.

This is also a step-by-step guide for successful stamping!  Follow along as I use a kraft gift bag, our Succulent To-From art stamp, and a ColorBox Pigment Archival Ink Pad in Frost White.  This is an easy idea to apply when making shower favors or wedding favors.

1.) Turn your stamp on it's back.  Take your pigment ink pad and dab it repeatedly, gently to apply the ink onto the entire raised surface of the rubber stamp.  Do you notice how gravity will pull the ink down onto the stamp?  With this method, any size stamp pad can be used on any size stamp.  Be careful not to press too hard as you don't want to get ink on the rubber which is not raised.  Your finished application should look something like this:

2.) Now we are going to press the image in white ink onto the kraft paper.  Pick up the stamp pad and with both hands carefully hover the stamp pad over the paper until you have the desired position.  Now firmly press the stamp pad down onto the paper.  This does not need to be quick, only firm.  You can even press around the top of the stamp pad so that it evenly applies in all places.  The key is not to wiggle the stamp at all.

3.) Ahh... the finished product, below.  I used a white JellyRoll pen to write the names in.  Place your gift inside the bag and secure with some colorful washi tape!

But what about using the white ink on darker paper?  Does the ink really cover?  Is it opaque?  Below is an example of this same white ink on a navy blue envelope using our Holly To-From art stamp:

Happy stamping!  Please comment below or email me at with your other stamping questions.