New Books? Beautiful Mark

Rachel Mumau | March 17 2016 | 0 Comments

Your book-marking anxieties can take their leave.  Unless your name is Patricia Mumau of Primele Calligraphy, you may be like me... an everyday person with less-than-satisfying handwriting.  When I get a new book I am so excited about the clean pages and crisp edges.  The last thing I want to do is mar it's beautiful interior with my inferior hand.

But now, I can simply get out my personalized ex libris stamp and, voilà, a beautiful mark every time.  (I think Tricia will be excited too because it will be one less thing I ask her to write for me!)

This stamp also makes a thoughtful, personalized gift for your favorite bookworm.  Presentation-conscious guys will also love the minimalist, mid-century modern look of this bold, definitive mark.  Customize the stamp with a child's name for a baby shower gift.  Personalize it for Christmas for your pre-teen niece who always has her nose in a book.  But first, you might want to snag one for yourself!

We affectionately named this bookplate stamp "Bookish" and you can purchase it here.