Let's get ready!

Rachel Mumau | December 26 2013 | 0 Comments

60 days of letter writing is a big undertaking, especially if you are out of the habit!  I've come up with some ways we can be preparing before the big day comes so that it won't sneak up on us:

Make a list of people you will write to

Think of old friends, loved ones in the hospital, people who you'd like to thank for something and start making your list of 60 people.  You could also answer some Letter Requests at More Love Letters.  If you haven't heard about MLL yet you've got to check them out!

Gather your addresses

This should be relatively easy because many of you have just sent your Christmas cards and have done all of the leg work already.  If you need some addresses, start gathering them now- text your friends, facebook message them, email them.  If you don't have a paper address book, or you'd like to move your address book online, Postable is a great resource.  It creates a unique link for you that you email or message to your friends, and they fill up your address book for you.  You can access it anywhere, and it's free.

Collect your supplies

Buy a book pf stamps ahead of time if you don't already have some on hand.  Gather your cards and writing sheets.  Find your favorite pens.  Get our your stickers and stamps.  Make sure you have what you need and it's neat, organized and ready to go!

If you have more ideas for about how to get ready or who to write, share them with the hashtag #60daysofletterwriting and tag @fawnsberg on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.  There's still time before January 1st for more people to join in, so invite your friends!