60 Days of Letter Writing

For the first sixty days in 2014 I’m going to write a letter each day. I love to do it and it’s a blessing to other people- I just can’t do it often enough! Then I thought, why not open it up to our readers and start you off right by sending you some Fawnsberg stationery? It will be a great way to start off a new year. I already have a bunch of friends that are going to join me!


The Guidelines
From January 1st to March 1st, write at least one letter or note

Each day, take the time to write a letter or note to at least one person. They do not necessarily need to be sent in the mail, for example it could just be a note you drop on your coworker’s desk or in your husband’s lunchbox.

 Letters or notes must be written on paper

Write your message on something tangible that your friend can pick up, touch, and want to keep for longer than a nanosecond. You never know what kind of encouragement an old thank you note might be to someone having a rough day!

The Letters and Notes must be hand-written

This is key even if your hand-writing is not that great. Take it from me, my hand writing is atrocious even though my sister is a professional calligrapher! The act of hand writing a letter or note is a placid time of reflection that I want you to experience and enjoy- many times after writing a long-distance friend a letter I feel as if I have just spent quality time with them!


So, If you want to join my friends and I for the 60 Days of Letter Writing email me at hello@fawnsberg.com

The first 60 people to join and email me their postal address will receive a set of Fawnsberg stationery on the house!  Keep following the blog for ideas, inspiration, and to hear feedback of the positive impact letter writing is making.

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